The Best Car Stereos For 2018 [Ultimate Guide]

Deciding on the best stereo for your car maybe hard. Factors that may affect this decision include money, personal preferences as well as the brand. With quite a range of them available in the market it may be tough to settle for the best. The first step is getting to the internet and looking for the reviews of various car stereos. Below are a few Bluetooth speakers and their features that you could consider while trying to get the best Bluetooth stereo speakers.

Sony MEXN5100BT Car Stereo3.62 Pounds2 volts
Pioneer DEH-X8800BHS3.57 Pounds4 volts
Pioneer MVH-X380BT1.1 Pounds2 volts

This fantastic product from Sony is a must have in your car. First look at the device, and you just fall in love, it has a sleek outlook, and a great finish with a One-Touch Listening NFC technology get to stream your music, make hands free calls as well as get to control your smartphone apps through your receiver. Get to also broaden your listening experience with the aid of SiriusXM and Pandora internet radio. Other great features include a 55-watt X4 dynamic reality amp, a dynamic color illuminator with sound synchronization, 2-Volt front, rear, and sub-RCA preamp outputs, SongPal App for intuitive remote control and advanced sound with EQ 10 Mega bass.

Sony MEXN5100BT Car Stereo Bluetooth Receiver

The SongPal app system control is available for free for the Android and compatible IOS devices. With this app get to use your smartphone as a convenient system control. Using this app, you can get to access, select and also playback the music files on your devices. With the 2-Zone dynamic color illuminator control, you have an option of getting to choose 35000 colors. You can also independently get to mix and match the color according to your likes. The best part about this stereo is it comes with a manual thus giving you directions to use. It also has a warranty guaranteeing you value for your money. Below are pros and cons on the stereo speaker.


  • Easy to fix
  • Siri control which is quite helpful for apple users
  • Easy to use because of its simple interface


  • Mostly compatible with the Iphone and Android devices

This is one powerful stereo that stands out. Just by the first look, you get to fall in love with this design because of the sleek look. Key features include a Built-in MOSFET amp, AM/FM/CD, and HD radio with 100% free subscription on some stations, MIXTRAX for DJ-Inspire technology, FLAC playback, A 13 Band Equalizer with seven present curves as well as three pairs of preamp outputs.

Pioneer DEH-X8800BHS

The stereo has access to Siri Eyes Free, Pandora, Spotify as well as android Music support. With this, you can be able to stream your music from your phone device. It also has a wideband Hands free 1.6. It also comes with a remote control. It is also compatible with the pioneer ARC app compatibility and also comes with a remote for better control. The device comes with a one year warranty and thus giving you value for your money and also the CEA compliant. This should give you ease of mind and also assure that you are getting value for your money.


  • Get to link two phones to the unit
  • Easy to operate because of the simple interface
  • Dual-zone color illumination and thus gives you an opportunity to customize the text that appears on your screen.
  • 10- Level brightness control giving you perfect visual setting
  • Great Audio
  • Sirius XM ready


  • Limited to Android and Iphone devices

This is a better version of the MVH-X370BT. Great features about this car stereo include a larger display. It also has a better button layout than its predecessors. It also has AOA 2.0 that enables users to play music while streaming apps, play/pause and skip songs and a USB Auto Switch feature which gives you an opportunity to either charge your phone or the receiver uses it as a source. The simple interface makes it quite easy to operate. Has Pandora technology which is quite useful to Android and iphone users. The Audio is just something else, An Advanced Sound Retriever that gets to restores sound to compress files, 5-band graphic equalizer, and a low-pass/high pass filters. Inputs include a front USB port and front auxiliary input while the outputs include preamp outputs.


The device also has a warranty, and in any case, your device becomes faulty before the specified period, you can get a free fix or replacement. Also comes with a manual that will help you understand how to get as well as how to operate the stereo.


  • Simple interace
  • Quite affordable
  • Easy to fix
  • 10-Level brightness control and timer


  • Limited to android and Iphone users only.
  • Limited to android technology version 4.2 and above
  • No CD player

In conclusion, with the above reviews, you ought to know what to get when looking for the best car Bluetooth stereos. Understand your needs, and your wants to ensure you settle for the best. A good stereo doesn’t have to be expensive you may get one with excellent features but still, have outstanding features just as some named above.

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