It is common knowledge that majority of the factory fitted car audio systems are best at only playing mid-level tones. That’s why so many car stereo users add such things as subwoofers to enhance the bass of the sound. A subwoofer will enhance lower frequency music notes but will still find it difficult to recreate higher frequency music notes for your car audio system. This is exactly where adding a good tweeter to your car’s audio system come into play. These will enhance the high notes in the music that you play that would normally be neglected by most stock vehicle audio systems.


Car tweeters are small speakers with hard membranes that can produce tone ranging from 2,000 Hz to 20,000 Hz in terms of frequency. In many of its designs, these car tweeters are built directly into speakers or are mounted separately. To every car owner who wants to get the best out of music as intended by the composer, a good car tweeter will filter out the parts that wouldn’t have been heard without it. Getting these tweeters with high-quality tones will cost you some bugs too.

No doubt most people would like to know the best car tweeters for their cars, which is why this car tweeters review has been created.

This article is intended to take you through reviews on a series of car tweeters and their models that are available in the market. Shopping for car tweeters is an investment opportunity that must be undertaken with caution; this implies that you should have information on what makes a good speaker.

Ultimately, our intention is to help you choose the best car tweeter for your car and truck. Without further ado, let’s have a ride.


The body of the ST35 – HERTZ car tweeter is made of Anodized Aluminum which protects it from damage due to shock and vibrations. The internal structure is made with CCAR (Copper Clad Aluminum Ribbon) which acts as the voice coil and an extra-light aluminum membrane to help in heat dissipation.


The power peaks at 100W and an impedance of 4 ohms coupled with the strong materials used in construction make it able to withstand such peak sound production. This car tweeter is intended for people who need strong sound production for their car stereo systems. Another feature worth mentioning is that it comes with a sensitivity of 109 dB/SPL to further sweeten the package.

The ST35 – HERTZ car tweeter is affordable and it is clearly intended for use in premium sound systems for people that need strong sound.


These are great tweeters from Kicker, a reputable manufacturer. The tweeters are affordable and are packaged as a single product making up four tweeters to enhance your musical sounds. The two pairs of tweeters are easy to install and produces perfect sound combinations that make you feel special.

The Kicker Speaker Bundle is made from silk and can endure high tones at an amazing level of production. The power handling is just at its best at 150 W peak and 75 W RMS for each of the tweeters.

The frequency response is from 3500 Hz to 21000 Hz with an impedance of 4 ohms per voice coil and here we have four of those.

This is an interesting offer because you will like the fact that you are not getting just one product, but four tweeters.

The Kicker Speaker Bundle will recreate the perfect sound through your car speakers as you can decide to place one pair in front and one at the back. With the Kicker Speaker Bundle, you are sure of getting value for your money. If you want to build an ultimate setup, then this is the tweeter that matches your desire.


The Rockford Fosgate T152 5.25” Power T1 2-Way full range speakers are designed to play loud, hard and great sound. It is manufactured using quality materials to enhance its performance for those who love listening to powerful tones.

It is worth mentioning that the 2-way full range speakers with 3 levels of tweeter attenuation allow the production of music accurately for each of the parts of the system.

The Rockford Fosgate T152 5.25” Power system handles 150W and a maximum power handling of 75W RMS which makes it durable to handle hard sounds.

The Rockford Fosgate T152 5.25” Power T1 2-Way full range speakers come with a frequency response of 65 Hz to 20,000 Hz with 88dB sensitivity which enhances the clarity of its sounds.

The Rockford’s Discreet Dual Clamp tweeter mounting allows you to install the speakers with ease by providing a concentric perimeter pressure around the fitting hole.

The woofer comes with a carbon fiber and polypropylene injection molded cone with butyl rubber surround which enhances the external audiophile grade component crossover.

The multi-OEM adapter plate allows full range speakers to fit in most OEM openings which makes it adaptable to many vehicles.

Still, on the design, the flex fit allows you to use slots instead of screwed sized holes; which makes it easy for the adjustment of the speakers when mounted.

If you are looking for a tweeter with high performance at an affordable rate, then The Rockford Fosgate T152 5.25” Power component tweeter system is for you.


This is one of the best audio speakers that can make you feel at home while on the ride. They are designed to cover both high and low audio frequencies which are the main reason you may not require an additional subwoofer for your car audio system. These speakers are designed using high-quality materials in order to bring out the best part of it.

The cone is made of glass fiber which enhances its audio quality and lasts much longer. The speaker incorporates a Y30 ferrite magnet and PC + NOMEX spider each with a 6mm top plate and 5 mm back plate. With a frequency range of 45 Hz to 10000 Hz and a power handling of 120W maximum; you are assured of getting the amazing sounds.

Another important feature worth mentioning is that each of the speakers has a 25mm silk dome tweeter covered with silver chrome plated face and is attached with some copper clad aluminum wires to the crossover circuit to make it safer for you.

Still on its features is the spring terminal which enhances its ease of connectivity. The CT Sounds Meso 6.5 Inch 2-way speaker is way too valuable for the price as the performance is of best quality irrespective of its handling frequencies.


The Polka Audio DB6501 car speaker offers you superior sound quality immediately you turn on your car audio system. It offers high performance and reliable sound anytime. You will appreciate the stainless-steel hardware used in manufacturing these tweeters. It is also designed with butyl rubber and rust proof steel basket which will aid in keeping your system working in good condition for a long time.

Let Us Conisder What The Manufacturer Has On This One

The Polka Audio DB6501 car speaker is designed to produce high and low sounds with accuracy and clarity through its high-end head units and factory-installed OEM. The unit can handle a maximum power of 300W with a continuous power of 100W.

The Polka Audio DB6501 car speaker comes with a 25mm cooled silk/polymer composite dome tweeter with neodymium magnets which enhances the clarity of its audio production. This unit has a superb looks and quality sound at an affordable rate.

Still, on the design, the 6.5 Inch woofer is made with dynamic balance polymer/mica composite filled cone which makes it lightweight and thus enhances its performance with minimum distortion.

It has an adaptor rings which enable the speakers to fit both 6-1/2-inch and 6-3/4-inch; thus, it can be installed in different kind of vehicles.

With a frequency response of 35Hz to 23000 Hz and an efficiency of 92dB, you are sure of getting the best detail in a musical sound. In addition, it is designed with electronic tweeter protective devices which keep your tweeter from accidental abuse, as well as a vented crossover housing which allows the wire channels to remain hidden for a neat installation.

One more thing worth mentioning is that the Polka Audio DB6501 car speaker comes with a warranty of 1 year which is covered by the manufacturers.


The Jl Audio C2-690tx 6×9-Inch 3-Way Speakers with Silk Dome Tweeters has interesting specs that match with every music lover’s instincts.  It has an elegant design that makes it stand out on the market among other Jl series speakers.

Let Us Conisder What The Manufacturer Has On This One

The maximum power of this unit is 125 W with a 75 W RMS which makes it performance awesome. This tweeters produce strong bass and high notes and is suitable for those who love listening to classical music. The mid-range tweeters are responsible for the clear sound that emanates from the speakers.

The Jl Audio C2-690tx 6×9-Inch 3-Way Speakers with Silk Dome Tweeters comes with low power, hence its installation can be done which without an amp. When it comes to price, this speaker is highly affordable when compared to other products with the same performance range.

If you are a classical music lover and have been dissatisfied with the production from your regular car speakers, then this set of speaker with tweeters is for you.


You can now enjoy your cruise as you roll in your vehicle with a speaker fitted with tweeter components to recreate quality sound.

Considering the design, the Alpine SPR – 10TW 1-inch audio tweeters come with a silk dome design in order to recreate a perfect sound quality with absolute clarity. The peak power is 450 W per pair and 225 W with an RMS of 75W each. This tweeter is made of a copper clad aluminum high-temperature voice coil which enhances its reliability, safety and performance.

The newly introduced Alpine’s EQ rings are designed to improve the tweeter’s dispersion characteristics with a view to allowing it maintain a wide frequency response irrespective of where it is positioned. Furthermore, the tweeter’s crossover circuit is built using high-grade components which will make it last long in the user’s hands.

In addition to this, the silk ring dome tweeter is designed to provide smooth and precise high-frequency response at all power levels.

Still on the design, the built-in resonance absorber works in synergy with the ring dome to limit the coloration and tingling in the frequency spectrum.

In terms of aesthetics, the Alpine SPR – 10TW 1-inch audio tweeter has an attractive looks which includes a removable logo.


The Infinity REF Series car speaker offers you superior sound quality as soon as you power ON your car audio system. It offers high performance and high-end reliability all throughout the day. One unique feature of this unit is that it can produce both high and low sounds with accuracy and clarity through its factory-installed OEM.

Features of this tweeter

The power handling capacity of this tweeter is superb with 195 W and 65W RMS for each of the unit. The frequency response is excellent with a sensitivity of 93dB which completely filters the music to your hearing pleasure.

When it comes to sound quality, this unit is second to none on the market. Each edge-driven textile tweeters are fitted with a woofer cone which minimizes the level of distortion that would have occurred while in operation.

It will interest you that this set of tweeters is among the cheapest on the market when compared to other systems handling similar frequencies. It has an exceptional quality of producing both high and low notes without any distortion.

The components are designed with the best materials available to guarantee a wonder performance. Riding can become exciting with these set of speakers as it is suitable for all genres of music.


The Kicker KSC4604 was produced with the intent of giving users a value for their money. What then are you waiting for, this is the time for you to make your car a sound hub you so desire.

Features of this tweeter

The tweeter is designed to handle high power with a 150W peak and a continuous power of 75W. This unit can handle a frequency response of 50 Hz to 20000 Hz, hence producing both high and low musical notes with superior clarity. It will interest you to know that these set of tweeters is incorporated with a silk dome in order to give it the smooth sound you will love to listen to.

Still, on the design, the thin mount design does not only make for its ease of installation; but also allows it to fit behind the factory grilles. Whether the road is bad or the trip is long, the kicker KSC4604 tweeters will change the day into a memorable one.

In addition to the smooth sounds it produces, the speakers fit into several vehicles so there is no need to worry if it would fit into your car’s speaker holes. The price of these set of tweeters is extremely affordable and you are sure to getting value for your hard earned money.


Getting the tweeters that match with your car can be very difficult as price and quality are among the major factors to consider in every product in the market. These series of car tweeters come with superior sound quality and good power handling ability. Traditional speakers may not be able to produce musical notes in high registers without any distortion, therefore the need for tweeters.

As technology improves, efforts are being geared to construct speakers that are both affordable and can produce clear sounds with a good frequency response.

The materials used in the construction of these tweeters do not only affect its viability but also affect its sensitivity to sound. In buying car tweeters, the price should not be traded with comfort and reliability. Ease of installation and compatibility of the tweeters with your vehicle should be among the factors to watch out for.

These tweeters are the best you can ever imagine on the market. So whenever you want to place your order for a car tweeter, ensure that you consider the above-reviewed ones. You are guaranteed of a quality tweeter when you order one of these speakers for your vehicle.

Our top pick is the Kicker Speaker Bundle. The reason for choosing this particular tweeter is that it can handle both high and low musical notes. In addition, the Kicker Speaker Bundle is made from silk and can endure high tones at an amazing level of production. Its power handling is just at its best at 150 W peak and 75 W RMS for each of the tweeters.