Top 6 Best Shallow Mount Subwoofers 2018

Getting the best bass out of your car audio system is something that can spice up your ride. Unfortunately, you might not get the bass that you crave for in your car’s audio order due to the small size of your vehicle.

You might wonder if there is any shallow mount subwoofer out there for your small car.

Worry not. While you may not be in a position to get a full-sized subwoofer that fits your vehicle, a shallow mount subwoofer can fix all your space problems. Apart from being space saving, shallow mount subwoofers offer a fantastic bass.

Are you looking for the best shallow mount subwoofers but don’t know which to choose? We have identified some excellent subwoofers in the marketplace to make everything easy for you.

After reading this article, you will be able to determine the best subwoofer and make an informed decision. Before purchasing any subwoofer, you need to keep in mind the kind of bass that you want.Remember that there are different sizes of shallow mount subs. Do not be attracted to the size of a sub before considering the amount of bass that you want.You might want to know the importance of using a Shallow Mount Subwoofer before purchasing it. Below are merits and demerits of using shallow mount subwoofers.

Benefits of shallow mount subwoofers

  • They save space
    You might want to get a slim sub particularly if you plan to put it in a sports car or a track as they save space and are easy to carry. Just as their name suggests, they are shallow and will save space when you place them in your car.
  • Light and Portable
    The difference between shallow mount subwoofers and regular subwoofers is that the shallow mount is light and portable. It is therefore easy to install them and carry them away from the vehicle.

Disadvatage of shallow mount subwoofers:

Shallow mount subs have a few demerits as mentioned below.

  • Low –end frequencies
    As much as shallow subs are space saving, there is a slight issue with their bass. They tend to reproduce low-end frequencies and also lack bass.
  • Where to place Shallow Mount Subwoofers
    The shallow mount subwoofers can’t be placed anywhere in your car. You need to put them in specific areas depending on what you need. The available space is another factor to consider before putting them and the amount of bass that you need. You can place them in the following places.
  • Under the front seat
    So long as you place it to fit well and have enough internal volume, the front seat could be an ideal place.
  • Under the rear seat
    You might notice that your car has unused space under its back position. What if you built an enclosure and placed your sub under a seat? It is quite easy to do that, especially in this location. Build a wide enough subwoofer enclosure so that you can have enough internal volume.
  • In the trunk
    Because most subwoofer enclosures are more significant than how they should be, you might want to have a trunk subwoofer. Putting your sub in the trunk of your vehicle helps you to feel your music.

JL Audio 13TWV2-4 Subwoofer

If you are looking for a sound system for your rear deck, you might be interested in trying the JL Audio 13TWV2-4 subwoofer. With this shallow hub, be sure to get not only a big bass but also great sounding. While it may be a bit expensive, it is something that you won’t regret to buy.
Even if you have a small space in your car, you won’t be disappointed with this shallow mount because it has been constructed for the use of little boxes. This means that it can fit into any vehicle, whether it is a truck, a sports car or other compact vehicle.
Furthermore, this sub has a great design. It can fit even the smallest spaces because of its 2 Inches Depth. It, therefore, needs an area of only 2 inches. It can also handle a maximum of 1200 watts of peak power while the RMS is 600 Watts.
If you are thinking about its lifespan, keep in mind that it is durable due to its quality materials such as a cat-alloy frame. It also has an elastic Santoprene rubber that surrounds it.


  • Has a powerful sound system
  • It is shallow enough to fit in small spaces
  • It is durable due to the robust materials used to construct it.

Alpine SWR-t12

The Alpine SWR-t12 is another exclusive shallow mount with exceptional features you might not want to miss. With its ground-shaking output and low-bass performance, this sub offers more than what you expected.
It can fit in small enclosures, thanks to its size. That means that you can place it anywhere in your vehicle. It has also been engineered to provide application versatility and more installation flexibility something that builds a perfect sound system.
You will be amazed to have a sub with a revolutionary sectioned spider design which offers excursion on a great subwoofer. Even though this sub cannot provide an output like its predecessors, it allows massive production even in a shallow frame.
Do you love consistent performance out of shallow subwoofers without playing your sub for several hours? With the Alpine SWR-12, be sure to achieve that as it is designed to offer continuous performance right out of the box.
This subs revolutionary design is constructed with an injection mode resin and not a phonetic stiffened textile. You don’t need any break in to get a perfect performance.
It also has a high-strength design because it is made of a Co-molded Aluminum collar that connects the voice call to the spider. It uses a dynamic neodymium magnet structure that enables the sub to tackle more power than other typical shallow-mount subwoofers.


  • Has a powerful sound system
  • It is shallow enough to fit in small spaces
  • It is durable due to the robust materials used to construct it.

Pioneer TS-SW3001S4 12-Inch Shallow Step Up S4 Subwoofer

If you have a space-challenged vehicle, you must be wondering if there is any shallow mount out there that can fit in your cars stereo system. How about trying the Pioneer TS –SW3001S4 12-Inch sub?
With this shallow mount, you can use limited space in your vehicle due to its excellent space saving design. It offers low-frequency bass beats that will help you enjoy the beauty of your ride as you listen to your car’s music.
You might also love its RMS power factor which is 400 watts and a peak power rating of 100 watts. You will be thrilled to listen to its extensive selection of thick and rich bass tones due to its 2-30 Hz low-frequency rate.
With this bass, you only need a space of 3 3/8” so that you can recess it in. Never worry about wear and tear as Pioneer TS-SW3001S4 12-Inch is made of a durable steel material to keep it in a firm place after installation.
Pioneer has an air suspension control system which locks air between the drive cone and the central cone. If you wanted a sound system that can withstand heavy playing without destruction, Pioneer is the sub to get.
It is made of a woven cloth layer that surrounds it and distributes strength around the material. This leads to an actual line array audio performance. You can order this sub either in a configuration of 2-ohm or 4-ohm.
If you want a flexible shallow mount, we highly recommend 4-ohm configuration.


  • It is small enough to fit in small cars
  • It has a sturdy steel basket making it durable.

MTX Audio FPR 12-04 Shallow Mount Subwoofer

Here is another reliable shallow mount subwoofer that will blow up your mind due to its unique design. It has a cone that is connected directly to the spider.
First of all, it has an exceptional sound quality and offers your vehicle a big bass. Whether your car has low profile enclosures or not the MTX Audio FPR 12-04 can fit anywhere because it has a depth of 3-3/8”. It can offer high performance as it handles up to 400 watts RMS.
If you are conscious about design, you might appreciate NTX Audio’s perfect model of a cone attached to the spider directly. This makes it the movement of the cone easy to be controlled by the spider.
MTX Audio is different from other subwoofers in the market which can’t offer a full, vibrant performance. Other subwoofers are made like midbass drivers and can’t play dominant low notes that make it fun to own a subwoofer.
Furthermore, this shallow mount has a robust cooling system known as “Spider Plateau venting” which circulates air continually to the voice coil. This eliminates the distortion that comes from high temperatures.


  • It has a unique design for sealed enclosures
  • Has 300w-400 RMS power Has a patented shallow design that economizes space

Rockford Fosgate R2S-1X10 Prime

In times when you need clear bass tones from your car’s audio system, but space is a challenge, the Rockford Fosgate R2S-X10 Prime might be your best choice.
It is intended to be used in a situation where space saving is your only choice. Just like the name shallow mount itself, the Rockford sub is seriously shallow and can fit in your car’s trunk at a depth of only 2.66”. This means that they can fit in any car.
It is easy to mount this shallow mount in a car since it is shrouded with a flex fit basket at the top. With its 10 RMS watts of power, Rockford Fosgate thumps so well. Its large low-frequency response of 38-20 Hz makes you enjoy its sound.
Be assured of durability as it is made of aluminum dual 2-Ohm voice coils. This sub is great in space saving since it comes in -1/4” deep, an enclosure that is built with a fiberboard that measures 5/8” in thickness.
The fiberboard lasts long because rugged black carpeting protects it. It is powerful as it can handle up to 250 RMS. If you want something flexible, this subwoofer could be perfect as it has a dual 4-ohm voice coil which gives your wiring system.


  • Offers value for space
  • Powerful sound system
  • Durable
  • Has a flexible fit basket for easy installation

Skar Audio EV-10 D4

Are you looking for a flat sub that can fit in the small space of your car? You might love the Skar Audio EV-10D4 as it is one of the shallowest subs in the market. The Skar Audio EV-10 D4 is among the top rated subs that will in no doubt offer you an excellent sound system. It was created with a focus on the slim sized subwoofer that produces a powerful bass.
It can operate in very tight operations, thanks to its 42 OZ single stack ferrite magnet. It also offers a robust sound system because of its RMS power of 400 Watts.
The Skar Audio EV-10 D4 was designed to offer responsive, tight and powerful bass in shallow mount applications. You will be happy to use even for extended periods of time as it has an advanced airflow cooling design that cools high temperature.
You can, therefore, operate it under a high level of power without worrying about heat. It has a frequency response of 30Hz -500 Hz which is likely to enhance your car’s sound system.


  • Offers value for money
  • Has a great sound system
  • It is made of solid compact construction

If you have ever wanted to enjoy the ultimate sound quality from your vehicle, you can only achieve that by choosing the best subwoofer. While there are many powerful subs out there, you might have to be careful when selecting any of them. The above shallow mount subwoofers are among the high-quality subs that you might want to get started with them.

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