Car stereo systems are equipped with the latest technology that is better than factory installed car audio systems to give you a fulfilling listening experience. For instance, the JVC KD-R970BTS CD is one of the best car stereo systems that allows for Bluetooth connectivity and USD/SD card reading. It comes with a good audio quality; you can listen to every detail in the music just as the desire of the artists.

Getting a quality and budget-friendly car stereo system does not necessarily mean breaking a bank, hence the need for this car stereo review. Therefore, sit back and relax as we take you through a compilation of the top six cars stereo reviews that are not only budget-friendly, but you are guaranteed of getting value for your money.



This car stereo is one of the best car stereo systems on the market. It is about time you make the smartest choice possible by considering a product that is designed to offer personality and quality performance at an affordable price. The Pioneer DEH-150MP CD receiver is not only affordable but comes with super features that will give you a thrilling musical experience. It is one of the best and latest models in its line of car stereo systems.

Let’s consider what the manufacturers have on this one.


The single-line, multi-segmented LCD display with backlight is much larger than previous models and has better legibility and visibility. It can read MP3 and WMA audio files and CDs, CD-Rs and CD-RWs.

The Pioneer DEH-150MP car stereo comes with a detachable faceplate that prevents it from being stolen.

Sound Quality

I know you want to get the best sounds available despite the file size. When it comes to sound quality, this stereo is highly supportive. The built-in MOSFET amplifier enables this music player to produce clear sounds irrespective of the file format.

This stereo system review shows that the Pioneer DEH-150MP comes with a 5-band equalizer that allows you to adjust the balances and sound quality of your stereo.

This system offers a 50-Watt of Power and 4 channel amplified output with a bass boost to further sweeten the package.


It is designed to be dust resistant which makes it shiny at any time of the year. To add to this is the fact that is very affordable and easy to install even with its amazing sound quality. You will get a lot more than you have paid with the Pioneer DEH-150MP CD receiver.

Here is the time you go for something new and affordable with an outstanding performance. Throw away your old factory installed stereo and order for this car stereo system receiver which will offer you the much-anticipated listening experience.


The best of car stereos can be determined by the level of digital technology it comes with. The JVC KD-R970BTS CD Receiver is built to accommodate your latest music applications. It is not only about sounds but comes with everything that will make your music experience exciting.

It is about time we considered the best specs that comes with this car stereo system.


This car stereo system comes with a 12-digit LCD Single-Line Display with 3-zone Color that makes it attractive and legible in the eyes of every user.

As smartphones have become the latest gadget for listening to music in homes, offices and cars; this audio system is designed to pair with your smart devices like Android, iPhone and iPod. It is equipped with Siri where you can make hands free commands for anything you want to play.

It will interest you that The JVC KD-R970BTS CD receiver can pair with two phones at a time and has a USB port for rapid smartphone charging.

Still, on connectivity, it comes with a Bluetooth device where you can make hands free calls and audio streaming.

Now you can make all the settings you want as it comes with a 13-band graphic equalizer and 8 tones curves to give you a balanced sound for a perfect music.

The output is 22 Watt of Power for each channel where you can attach 6 speakers from the rear. This stereo system review shows that you can control this device with your phone using the JVC app. It is worth mentioning that the JVC KD-R970BTS CD has a built-in MOSFET amplifier which can play sounds from compressed MP3, WAV, WMA, AAC and FLAC files.

You can convert your music into CDs, CD-Rs and CD-RW discs because this stereo performer is designed to play any CD file. The JVC KD-R970BTS CD car stereo has numerous features compared to its price. Users will enjoy the smart remote that comes with it.

Now is the time to opt for the car stereo that speaks the language of the modern time which is smartness and digitization. The JVC KD-R970BTS CD is affordable and every lover of a smartphone will find it a worthy companion.

Don’t wait any longer get in line to have a glimpse of the better experience of music with this car stereo system.


BOSS AUDIO BV9970B is also one of the best car stereos on the market. It is designed with the latest technology available in the electronics world to get you the overwhelming music experience. With this device in as your car stereo system, you will discover that music is refined and redefined to your ears.

BOSS AUDIO BV9970B model is compatible with large scale musical formats.

Let’s assess each of its best features

It can play Bluetooth, DVD, CD, USB, and MP3 music and can read from SD cards. The front face is detachable whereby you can take it out from your car to where is secure if you are not comfortable with where your car is parked.

You can make calls through Bluetooth and stream audio music from popular stores like Spotify and Pandora.


The system comes with 85 Watts of power for speaker outputs along with AM and FM radio tuner for your up to date news and sports.

The built-in equalizer lets you adjust the tuning balance of the sound to your desire. You need to know that the BOSS AUDIO BV9970B car stereo system is highly flexible for your usage as it has a 7-inch touchscreen display for you to navigate and observe the output flow.

This stereo system review cannot be complete if you are not intimated of the presence of a rear-view camera for video output of both front and rear of the car in this device which you will find very handy if you install its accessory.


Many buyers have displayed their satisfaction about the quality audio and video output from BOSS AUDIO BV9970B car stereo system despite its affordable price. What are you waiting for; this is an opportunity for you to enter the world of an amazing car ride through music.



The Pioneer DEH-X8800BHS is one of the best car stereo systems that is hard to beat in terms of aesthetics and function. Once you turn on this device, you will experience the amazing art and technology that is incorporated into its design and manufacturing.

Unlike any other car stereo system, the Pioneer DEH-X8800BHS allows you to customize the color display through the option of dual-zone color illumination.

Still, on the aesthetics, it comes with a 10-level brightness control to allow you to set the visibility display of your choice.

This car stereo system has a built-in Bluetooth system that allows you to make hands free calls and can stream live audio from Spotify and Pandora.

To enhance its output performance, the Pioneer DEH-X8800BHS car stereo system is equipped with 3 RCA Pre-output each of 4v. In addition to this, you can play music and charge your smartphone at the same time with the dual USB ports at the front and rear of this gadget.

Having a good car stereo system should be your concern as this device can take your music experience to a point you would never have imagined through its amazing features.
With a built-in MOSFET amplifier and compatibility with MP3, WMA, AAC and WAV music files, be sure to get the slightest of the detail in the music you play.

This car stereo review shows that you can control the unit without touching it via the remote control; this is all you need to change your car experience into a “wow”.


For those of us who are extremely in love with music or do not stand to listen to music with poor sound quality or low-quality FLAC format. That means you need a car stereo lift you up the mood by play anything and everything.


Let us take you through the Pioneer AVH4200NEX 2-Din receiver car stereo.

The system comes with a 7 inches motorized display to ease your views of controls and navigation.

This car stereo review shows that this it can play both DVD/CD with a colorful display on its high-resolution screen. More on the design, it comes with a built-in Bluetooth to allow you make hands free calls and simultaneously pair with two phones. It supports audio streaming and connects easily with iPod, iPhone and iPad devices.

Still, on the design, the AVH4200NEX 2-Din Receiver with its Bluetooth can play audio files from the popular music stores like Spotify, Sirius XM and Pandora. Android users will find this system to be a reliable companion as it can connect to any type of phone.

With Siri’s eyes, you are sure to be at anywhere you desire as this device is designed with the latest Siri services.

It will interest you to know that this car stereo system comes with traffic flash features which display the traffic condition of the selected area. In case you want to take a ride to an area that you are uncertain of its traffic situation, a look at your screen will clear the doubt.

In addition to this, the device displays up to date weather reports on any city in the world. It is time you stop worrying about the weather and look at your screen. As an advantage to the sports lover’s community, the AVH4200NEX 2-Din receiver car stereo system supports sports flash which keeps the rider abreast of latest developments in sports.

Amazon users have expressed their satisfaction on the level of performance of this device and have found its interactivity with various devices and apps to be highly effective.
This is the time for you to step in and take your place in a world of uplifting music experience even within the confines of your car.



The Pioneer AVHX5800BHS 2-In Receiver is one of the best car stereo systems to go for because of its numerous technological features and its aesthetics. It does not only serve the music lovers but ensures that companionship while driving is given utmost importance.


Let us start by analyzing some of the best features that come with this device.

This car stereo system features a responsive and powerful user interface that is not only customizable but is much easy to use. The 7-inch touchscreen display is packed to showcase vibrant and brighter colors with increased touch sensitivity.


Still, on the design, the Pioneer AVHX5800BHS 2-In Receiver car radio system features an AppRadio which allows the user to view and control apps installed incompatible Android and iPhone devices using a one-cable connection. Live in the vehicle has been made more convenient with the handsfree calling, wireless streaming and voice recognition through its Bluetooth adaptable features.


You can play and browse any music and artist of your choice as The Pioneer AVHX5800BHS 2-In Receiver connects with world-class music stores like Spotify. For Spotify premium users, you can enjoy round the clock adds free music even when there is no internet connection.


Other best features worth mentioning is the FM and AM radio tuner which allows you to enjoy your radio anytime.


Sony MEXN5100BT Car Stereo Bluetooth Receiver

This fantastic product from Sony is a must have in your car. First look at the device, and you just fall in love, it has a sleek outlook, and a great finish with a One-Touch Listening NFC technology get to stream your music, make hands free calls as well as get to control your smartphone apps through your receiver. Get to also broaden your listening experience with the aid of SiriusXM and Pandora internet radio. Other great features include a 55-watt X4 dynamic reality amp, a dynamic color illuminator with sound synchronization, 2-Volt front, rear, and sub-RCA preamp outputs, SongPal App for intuitive remote control and advanced sound with EQ 10 Mega bass.

Sony MEXN5100BT Car Stereo Bluetooth Receiver

The SongPal app system control is available for free for the Android and compatible IOS devices. With this app get to use your smartphone as a convenient system control. Using this app, you can get to access, select and also playback the music files on your devices. With the 2-Zone dynamic color illuminator control, you have an option of getting to choose 35000 colors. You can also independently get to mix and match the color according to your likes. The best part about this stereo is it comes with a manual thus giving you directions to use. It also has a warranty guaranteeing you value for your money. Below are pros and cons on the stereo speaker.


  • Easy to fix
  • Siri control which is quite helpful for apple users
  • Easy to use because of its simple interface


  • Mostly compatible with the Iphone and Android devices


Pioneer DEH-X8800BHS

This is one powerful stereo that stands out. Just by the first look, you get to fall in love with this design because of the sleek look. Key features include a Built-in MOSFET amp, AM/FM/CD, and HD radio with 100% free subscription on some stations, MIXTRAX for DJ-Inspire technology, FLAC playback, A 13 Band Equalizer with seven present curves as well as three pairs of preamp outputs.

Pioneer DEH-X8800BHS

The stereo has access to Siri Eyes Free, Pandora, Spotify as well as android Music support. With this, you can be able to stream your music from your phone device. It also has a wideband Hands free 1.6. It also comes with a remote control. It is also compatible with the pioneer ARC app compatibility and also comes with a remote for better control. The device comes with a one year warranty and thus giving you value for your money and also the CEA compliant. This should give you ease of mind and also assure that you are getting value for your money.


  • Get to link two phones to the unit
  • Easy to operate because of the simple interface
  • Dual-zone color illumination and thus gives you an opportunity to customize the text that appears on your screen.
  • 10- Level brightness control giving you perfect visual setting
  • Great Audio
  • Sirius XM ready


  • Limited to Android and Iphone devices



Pioneer MVH-X380BT

This is a better version of the MVH-X370BT. Great features about this car stereo include a larger display. It also has a better button layout than its predecessors. It also has AOA 2.0 that enables users to play music while streaming apps, play/pause and skip songs and a USB Auto Switch feature which gives you an opportunity to either charge your phone or the receiver uses it as a source. The simple interface makes it quite easy to operate. Has Pandora technology which is quite useful to Android and iphone users. The Audio is just something else, An Advanced Sound Retriever that gets to restores sound to compress files, 5-band graphic equalizer, and a low-pass/high pass filters. Inputs include a front USB port and front auxiliary input while the outputs include preamp outputs.


The device also has a warranty, and in any case, your device becomes faulty before the specified period, you can get a free fix or replacement. Also comes with a manual that will help you understand how to get as well as how to operate the stereo.


  • Simple interace
  • Quite affordable
  • Easy to fix
  • 10-Level brightness control and timer


  • Limited to android and Iphone users only.
  • Limited to android technology version 4.2 and above
  • No CD player



Car Stereo systems reflect the extent which technology has developed. The best Car Stereo Systems is one that comes with smartphone radio apps which allows music to be played in cars using the smartphone. The level of Musical satisfaction can be tested with the quality of sound emanating from the output speakers which is a function of the type and power of amplifier installed in the device.


With the latest performance of car stereo systems, one can listen to music of any file with good quality and play different videos while on the ride. It is not enough having a car stereo installed in your vehicle, but getting the best car stereo system that can offer you smart performance and quality music experience is what matter. Our pick from the car stereo systems above is the Pioneer AVH4200NEX 2-DIN Receiver due to the fact that it  comes with a 7 inches motorized display to ease your views of controls and navigation. It can also play both DVD/CD with a colorful display on its high-resolution screen.


In addition, it comes with a built-in Bluetooth to allow you make hands free calls and simultaneously pair with two phones. It supports audio streaming and connects easily with iPod, iPhone and iPad devices.




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