Today’s Best 6×9 Speakers

If you’re looking to upgrade your car’s audio system, your first step is almost always to add aftermarket speakers. Before purchasing speakers for your car, however, you’ll need to select the speaker size that’s right for you or your vehicle.

The correct speaker size for your vehicle’s audio system depends on a lot of factors. But there’s a reason why 6×9-inch car speakers are some of the most popular products.

The primary benefit of 6×9-inch auto speakers is that they offer an ideal compromise between quality and practicality. They’re large enough to produce powerful bass levels across any volume; in other words, they’re nearly perfect for bass sounds. Yet they’re small enough that they can be mounted nearly anywhere in the vehicle.

Vehicle speakers of this size also handle mid and high-range audio well, and produce clean and crisp sound across these levels. In other words, 6×9-inch speakers are very well balanced.

The Best 6×9-Inch Car Speakers

 ModelRMS PowerSensitivity 
Hertz Audio HCX 690 13094 dB
JL Audio C2-6907093 dB
Alpine Spr-6910090 dB
Infinity Kappa 697594 dB
Focal 690CA1SG7591 dB
Rockford Fosgate Punch7591 dB
Jl Audio C2-6907093 dB

1. Hertz Audio HCX 690 Hi-Energy 6”x9” 3-Way Coaxial Speakers

Hertz Audio HCX 690This product from Hertz offers the best quality that you can expect from car speakers. The 3-way 6×9-inch coaxial system creates some of the best audio that exists for automotive stereo systems.

Let’s cover the technical specifications first. The frequency range on these 3-way Hertz speakers is 32-23 Hz, with an RMS power handling of 130 watts, and a peak power handling of 260 watts. The speakers are built with a damped mesh fiber cone, and feature a loss-less polymer rubber surround system. The baskets are made of high-performance, highly-durable die-cast aluminum, and, on the whole, the speaker build is of the utmost quality.

In addition to the woofer, the tweeter is 1 ⅛-inch, and the supertweeter is ¾-inch. The technical design is brilliant, modern, and highly innovative, which is just one of the many reasons why this products constantly receives stellar reviews from happy customers all over.

As is always the case with speakers, it’s all about sound. You can have all the technical specifications in the world, but if the audio doesn’t sound good, then the audio doesn’t sound good. And quite frankly, these speakers offer perhaps the best sound quality that you can find in this size tier.

It starts with the mid-range ability. Most 6×9-inch speakers excel at mid-range, but these 3-way Hertz Audio speakers at a completely different level. The mid-range production sounds nothing short of professional, and allows virtually any type of music to not only be highlighted, but amplified to a whole new level. You’ll think you’re in a movie theater the mid-range is so impressive.

Impressively, the extremes are nearly as good. Bass and high-range audio is presented with top quality that makes it hard to believe that your car is making these sounds. The bass is such that everyone will think you have high-power subwoofers in your car. And the ability to handle high-range audio makes these speakers perfect for most modern music.

Not only do these speakers handle sounds of all ranges, but they do so with nearly perfect crispness and cleaness. The audio quality is remarkably clear, and can handle high volumes, so you can really crank up the tunes.

And to top it all off, the design is sleek, and modern. They convey both sexiness and professionalism, and add almost as much to the aesthetic of your car as to the audio experience.

JL Audio C2-690tx 450W 6″ x 9″ 3-Way Evolution C2 Series Coaxial Car Speakers

JL Audio C2-690txJL Audio is one of the leading brands in advanced automotive audio equipment. They’re well-known for making some of the most impressive automotive speakers on the market. Speakers that frequently receive some of the best customer reviews on the market, and are trusted by car audio experts and enthusiasts all over.

These particular 3-way 6×9-inch speakers highlight that. They’re everything a customer could want out of a pair of elite vehicle speakers. These 3-way speakers have a peak power handling of 450 watts per pair, and RMS power handling of 125 watts per pair. The power range of 15 – 125 watts is mighty impressive, as is the frequency range of 53 – 22k Hz. The nominal impedance is 4 ohm.

The construction of this JL Audio 3-way 6×9-inch component system is stellar. It’s built with an injection-molded mica-filled polypropylene woofer with polyether foam surround. A 2-inch Mylar cone midrange driver is featured, as is a ¾-inch silk dome tweeter. This excellent design allows the speaker to capitalize on mid-range audio while maintaining low-frequency extension.

And the mid-range quality is what really shines through with this product. It simply creates a stunning, highly-efficient stereo experience that any music lover or audio enthusiast would love. The smoothness of the sound quality is immaculate, especially when dealing with mid-range audio. There’s virtually no volume that is too high for these speakers to cleanly pump out excellent audio.

While mid-range is the shining star of these 3-way JL Audio speakers, they also excel at high-range and bass audio as well. You can run virtually any range of audio with these speakers, and it will feel like you have a professional home audio system magically in your vehicle. Even at extreme ranges and high volumes, it’s hard to get these speakers to crack or show any signs of distortion.

The speaker feature a black steel mesh grille that includes satin silver accents. The result is a highly refined and remarkably sleek design that makes it clear that you have some of the best automotive speakers on the market.

JL Audio has been making some of the best speakers in the world for many years. Their innovative and exceptional designs and technology are on full display with these 3-way 6×9-inch auto speakers.

Alpine Spr-69 6 x 9 Inches 2 Way Pair of Car Speakers

You’ve probably seen the name Alpine plenty of times before. This automotive audio equipment brand is very well trusted, and very popular. Not only are their aftermarket speakers very popular, but the provide speakers as a manufacturer’s option in a number of vehicles. And the reason is clear: they make stellar car stereo equipment.

This 2-way 6×9-inch component system is a true testament to that, and a terrific purchase for anyone looking to immediately upgrade the sound in their car. Let’s start with the power output required. These 2-way speakers have a power range of 2-100 watts per speaker, with 100 watts of RMS power, and a peak of 300 watts. The frequency range for this Alpine product is 60 – 29k Hz.

The tweeter construction is the stuff that drives enthusiasts and speaker nuts wild. The design features compact neodymium magnets, as well as a multi-layer hybrid fiber woofer with Santoprene® rubber surround. Topped off with a 1-inch swiveling silk dome tweeter, these speakers have excellent construction that utilizes the space in ideal fashion.

As a result, the audio quality is strong, crisp, and clean. The speakers handle bass audio so well, that many audiophiles don’t even opt for putting a subwoofer in their car. The bass is more than enough to adequately serve most kinds of music, and distortion is very rare.

Mid-range is more than exceptional. The audio comes flying through with remarkable complexity and cleanliness. The mid-range can handle very high volumes as well, though that occasionally can make the low and high-ranges start to lose some of their impact.

Alpine ties it all together with a simplistic design that highlights the quality of the speakers. The design looks ready for business in any vehicle, and with the audio quality that they offer, they certainly are.

Infinity Kappa 693.11I 220W 6 x 9 Inches 3-Way Kappa Series Coaxial Speakers with Edge-Driven UTF Tweeters

Infinity Kappa 693Infinity knocked one out of the park with these 6×9-inch speakers, which are as practical and functional as they are impressive. This automotive audio equipment company has been known to deliver a stellar product or two, and that’s exactly what all the reviews say about these 3-way speakers.

This pair of 3-way speakers handles RMS power of 220 watts, with a peak power of 660 watts, and the nominal impedance is 2 ohm. But it’s the construction that really stands out to those who love stereo equipment. The carbon Injected Glass Fiber cone material is punctuated by 1-inch Soft Dome edge-driven Fabric tweeter construction. The special Plus One cone technology allows these speakers to have a larger cone area than most 6×9-inch auto speakers are able to offer, which has a strong impact on the sound quality.

So, about that sound quality. Infinity can’t quite keep up with some of the top dogs, but as is always the case, you get what you pay for. Infinity generally makes more affordable speakers than many of the leading automotive audio equipment companies, and these speakers are no exception.

But don’t let that fool you: the sound quality is still spectacular, especially for a pair of speakers in this price range. The bass and mid-range audio is quite nice, but it’s the higher-range sounds where these speakers truly shine. They can bang out loud, clean, crisp audio across high ranges, which make them one of the best options for drivers who listen to a large amount of modern, pop or electronic-based music.

Last, but certainly not least, these 3-way speakers are very easy to install. Due to that and the price, Infinity succeeded in making one of the most practical speaker sets on the market.

Focal 690CA1SG 2-Way 6X9-inch Coaxial Speaker Pair

Focal 690CA1SGFocal isn’t quite as well-known of an audio equipment brand as the other products on this list, but with auto speakers like this, that needs to change. Quite frankly, these 2-way speakers are awesome.

Let’s start with the power  and watts required. This pair has a power range of 2 – 75 watts, with a peak of 150 watts and an RMS of 75 watts. In other words, they’re ready to go right out of the box; no matter what kind of a car you have, you really won’t need to provide these speakers with an amplifier.

The rest of the technical specifications are quite nice. The frequency range is 50 – 20,000 Hz, with a sensitivity of 91 dB, and impedance of 4 ohms. Add that to the aluminum inverted dome tweeter, and the butyl rubber surround and you have the foundation for a very strong pair of speakers.

Durability and strength is one of the highlights of these 6×9-inch 2-way Focal speakers. The woofer is made of woven glass fiber that is humidity-resistant, and the basket is non-resonant ABS/fiberglass. These speakers are built to last, regardless of the condition that you use them in.

Most importantly, they sound exceptional. They offer a refined and clear sound that is particularly impressive covering low ranges, though mid and high-range are also more than respectable. The bass hits hard, and can handle high volumes.

If there’s one drawback to these 2-way speakers, it’s that they lack a little bit in the practicality department. The mounting depth is 3 ¼-inch, so that can limit their fit. And the speakers are exposed, and don’t come with grilles. These are small concerns, but cut down on the practicality a little bit.

Rockford Fosgate Punch P1692 6 x 9-Inches Full Range Coaxial Speakers

If there’s one automotive audio equipment company that has perfected affordable vehicle speakers that still pack a huge punch, it’s Rockford Fosgate. As customer reviews will point to, Rockford Fosgate is the go-to company for people who want to make a substantial upgrade to their car stereo quality, without spending much money.

The power range for these Rockford Fosgate speakers is 6 – 75 watts, with a peak of 150 watts, and 75 watts RMS. The sensitivity is 91 dB, and the frequency range is a very respectable 60 – 22,000 Hz. But it’s the construction that is particularly impressive in these speakers. The dome tweeter is composed of ¾-inch polyetherimide, and the woofers are polypropylene.

Also featured are butyl rubber surrounds and VAST (Vertical Attach Surround Technique) surround, as well as an ICC (Integrated Concealed Crossover) that allows the crossover to efficiently hide in the basket. The VAST technology increases the effective radiating cone area of the speaker, which allows for a dramatic increase in effective radiation over most 6×9-inch speakers. The ICC allows for a much more efficient and clean aesthetic, as well as a much simpler installation process.

So, about that installation. These Rockford Fosgate models are some of the easiest speakers you’ll ever find when it comes to installation; they’re certainly a step ahead of most speakers in their size range. The construction is designed to make installation easy and uneventful, and that’s exactly what happens. The only downside is the top-mount depth of 3 1/16-inches, which is a little bit on the larger side, but that’s a relatively small concern.

As you would expect given the technical specifications, the audio quality in these speakers is very impressive, and much than you would expect to be able to find in the price range. The high-range notes on these speakers are remarkably crisp. The sound comes through with little to no distortion, and a very smooth sound. The bass is also quite strong, and manages to hit pretty high volume levels before suffering any type of cracking.

Mid-range is strong and relatively clean. Certainly solid enough to handle most music, at most volume levels, and sound great in the process.

Reading the reviews, you’d have no idea these speakers were priced like entry-level models, but they are. It’s a mighty impressive job by Rockford Fosgate.

Jl Audio C2-690tx 6×9-Inch 3 Way Speakers with Silk Dome Tweeters

Jl Audio C2It’s no coincidence that JL Audio appears on this list twice. They’re masters of automotive stereo equipment for a reason. These 6×9-inch 3-way speakers offer most of the same strengths of the earlier JL Audio model, but for a much more affordable price. It’s the best of both worlds, as all the reviews will happily attest to.

The power and watts output required for these speakers is 125 watts peak, and 70 watts RMS. The impedance is 4 ohms, the frequency range is 53 – 22,000 Hz, and the sensitivity is 92 dB. In other words, there’s a lot of impressive specifications behind these 6×9-inch 3-way speakers.

As is always the case with JL Audio speakers, the composition is a spectacle to behold. The tweeter is a silk dome, and the woofer is built out of polypropylene. The polypropylene cone is mica-filled, and the speaker features a polyether foam surround. Even the smaller details are magnificent, such as the ferrofluid cooling, and the neodymium magnet. Despite all of the complexity, the speakers are exceptionally easy to install.

But most importantly, the audio quality is knock your socks off good. The sound is remarkably clean; even at high volumes, every note is highlighted with crispness, and there’s great complexity throughout the sound. The mid-range is strong, and the ability to hit high ranges without distortion is impressive. Bass is where the speakers really shine, as the bass is thumping and impressive. They don’t replace a subwoofer if you are looking for a comprehensive system, but the bass is still exceptional, and up for most tasks, even at high volume.

If you’re looking for all the quality one can expect from a JL Audio, but at a price lower than you’d expect from this company, then these 3-way speakers are just the ticket.


Choosing which pair of 6×9-inch car speakers always requires a lot of thought. As the seven exceptional speakers listed above prove, there’s a lot of different factors that make up a great speaker. These speakers cover a lot of ground in terms of strengths, power and watts, design, ability, and cost.

Picking what speaker is right for you is a matter of considering what’s important for you to put in your car. The Hertz Audio speakers are the best product on this list, but require such a strong output of watts that they’re not worth purchasing if you’re not also adding an aftermarket amplifier. The JL Audio C2-series is ideal for just about everyone, but if you’re looking for the best deal, Rockford Fosgate has you completely covered.

Once you’ve selected and purchased your speakers, it’s time for installation. The easiest and simplest way to have your speakers installed is to have a professional do the job for you. This ensures that the speakers will be installed correctly and optimally.

Of course the flip side is that this costs money. Installing your speakers yourself is free. If you’re comfortable working with electrics, this might be a great option for you. Installing your speakers is very simple; it’s basically the same as installing home audio equipment.

At a basic level, you simply remove the factory speakers, disconnect the wiring harness, attach the wiring of your new speakers to the harness, and screw your speaker back into the panel. However, if you purchase an amplifier, you’ll have to run your speakers through that.

With your speakers selected, purchase, and installed, you’re ready to test them out. And then you get to enjoy high quality audio sound in your car, like you’ve never heard before.

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