What are the best 6.5 Inch Car Speakers To Buy

Most numbers of people do not bother to change to the speaker system of their vehicle. The factory installed speakers are very mediocre when it comes to high-quality, clear audio. So, if you do not like the factory installed speakers and will settle less than the best, then it is a good idea to get new speakers.

Top  6.5 Inch Car Speakers

Rockford Fosgate 3-WayRockford Coaxial 2-WayJBL 3 Way
Rockford Fosgate 3-way speakersRockford Coaxial 2-WayJBL 3 Way
52Hz – 20kHz
48Hz – 20kHz
70Hz – 21kHz
Power Handling
Power Handling
Power Handling

6.5 Inch Car Speakers Review

Rockford Fosgate 3-way speakers

Rockford Fosgate 3-way speakers have a high demand due to their performance and quality features. These speakers are made up of high-quality materials. You will get clear high-quality sound because of their integrated high-pass crossovers and mounting hardware. It is a prime speaker meaning it gives a lifelike and natural sound. By having the high sensitivity of 91dB–(dB @ 1 watt/1 meter), and 52Hz – 20kHz frequency response, they can give a quick response.

These speakers will make an impact on the sound of your car. The speakers not only have incredible sound but they are long-lasting. These are designed to live longer so you can use them for many years. By the changing of frequency, these speakers will perform well. They have rubber casing which also enhances the sound of the speakers.

Each speaker is 6-1/2″ sports an inflexible polypropylene woofer cone that produces strong drums and bass, with clean reproduction of the midrange frequencies.  It has a built-in crossover network that separates the frequencies going to each driver, so the music plays smoothly.

The r165x3 speakers are engineered with the latest technology. These speakers will give all that you expect from an ideal speaker. These speakers should be looked upon if you are looking for powerful performance, sound quality, installation system and the customer satisfaction.

These speakers are are easy to be installed. They do not require any special tool to install. They use very watts even with the louder sound. These speakers give crystal clear voice throughout the music. They have a great treble. They have a strong body so these should be durable.

They do not have mid to low range, which will probably lead to you purchasing other speakers to accompany these. They do not have enough bass. They have got long screw ways. These are not waterproof so cannot keep the car door open in the rain. Sometimes they give bad sound in high volume.

Rockford Coaxial 2-Way Speaker

Rockford Fosgate’s complete range of 6.5″ speakers give an outstanding value of sound. If you are thinking of replacing the factory installed speakers, then you should surely go for this one. They have Mica injected polypropylene cones and two mylar balanced dome tweeters. They do have the grillers with them, so they look good as they sound.

The speakers have 1/2″ (13mm) Mylar balanced dome tweeter. It has stamped steel basket. It is FlexFit Basket-Speaker means the slot mounted frame pattern allows for variable adjustments to the mounting position. It works on the CEA-2031 power handling industry standard. These speakers have a wonderful bass, but the important thing is that they produce an amazingly clear sound.

Its speaker type 2-way coax. Its frequency response is 60Hz to 22kHz and the sensitivity is 88dB. The midrange mounting depth is 1.97″(50.1mm). These speakers weigh 4.5 Lbs. They give a great sounding experience but also comes at a good price with a work rate of 55 RMS. These speakers can be placed anywhere in the car and you can place them yourself if you are not willing to pay someone for the installation fee.

These are easy to install that you do not need to hire anybody for installation purposes. These speakers do not have any sound distortion that leads to crisp audio. They have good bass production. These speakers are durable and long-lasting. They are economical and one should buy those who do not have a huge budget.

These speakers need more power. The grills are needed to keep the speakers in place. They cannot handle the high volumes.

Polk Audio Coaxial Speaker

The engineers at Polk uses laser imaging for the best combination of speakers and materials. With the use of this technology, it becomes possible to play music at high volume without any speck and with smooth frequency response. Polk coaxial speakers have 6-1/2″ woofers made of polymer and mice and also having rubber surround features. Which means it is a high heat tolerant speaker. High and low frequencies flow smoothly and produce efficient sound because it has a built-in 2-way crossover and liquid-cooled 3/4″ silk/polymer dome tweeters. These speakers are outlined by a stainless steel mounting ABS grills.

It has a dimension of 8 x 14.5 x 4.8 inches. These speakers weigh 4.5 pounds. It is a lightweight speaker which gives the sound without any distortion. It has a frequency response of 40 Hz to 22 kHz. The sensitivity of the speakers is 92 dB.

These speakers are long-lasting and will remain consistent in giving the quality sound to you. These 6.5 inches speakers are are versatile and are marine certified and can be used in boats and marines as well. These speakers handling the power capacity is 360 watts.

Their best property is that they can fit very comfortably in all the doors of the car. Their sound quality is impressive. They give crisp sound. They produce high-quality sound without any distortion. They have good vocals and great bass.

They need grill panels to get fit in the car door. Their grill design is not very attractive. Although these are marine certified, sometimes they show negative results.

JBL 3 Way Speakers

JBL is one of the leading manufacturers of the speakers, and their 3-way speakers are one more addition to their list. If you want to change your speakers and don’t want to spend too much money, then JBL is the perfect option. JBL car speakers hit the road with a detailed, clear sound, and this is one of the finest features which differentiates JBL from other companies.

These speakers have Planted Plus One woofer which handles the frequency below 10000Hz. It has Mylar-titanium twitter which produces the perfect sound. These speakers have a built-in crossover network which helps in the transition. Its mounting depth is 2 inches. These speakers have peak handling power of 360 watts.

These speakers can installed by anyone and does not require any special tool. The sensitivity of these speakers is 92dB. Their frequency response is 50 Hz to 21 kHz.

These are trustworthy and durable. They can remain in your car for many years. They can be installed easily. They have high-quality bass due to their tweeter clarity. These speakers are economical.

They can be very loud sometimes and can make someone uneasy. These speakers are weak in power handling.

Kenwood Performance Series

These speakers are the best option to change your existing system. It has polypropylene cone woofer which is the most important part of the woofer. It is made of high-quality material which is long-lasting and produces a clearer sound. The surround is made with urethane foam which is durable. This foam is also responsive and lessens the effect on sound from external vibration.

There is a diamond array like structure on its cone which makes it strong and helps in removing the distortion. The foam surround is quite strong that it protects the speaker and improve the quality of the sound.

These speakers weigh 2.16 Lbs. The dimension is 19.5 x 9 x 19.5 inches. The sensitivity of these speakers is 86 dB. Their frequency response is 63 Hz to 24 kHz. It is a 2-way component. It has a power peak of 280 watts and shows impressive bass. It can easily be installed and does not require any special tool.

They have mid bass range with some of the deeper tones that sound great. They are easy to install. They give wiring for twitter. They have an affordable price range if you do not want to go over budget.

They have poor range. Speakers have short tweeter wires. Twitter installation is difficult and lacks clarity. Their speaker grill can fall off quickly.

Choosing the right 6.5 Inch speaker for your car can be annoying and very time-consuming. Hopefully after reading this piece you have a couple of ideas in mind and can go and choose the best speaker for you. You may want to take your music taste into consideration also when choosing a 6.5-inch speaker as each will sound better at certain frequencies etc.


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