Best 3.5 Inch Car Speaker Reviews 2017

The people who are fond of music want to upgrade the music system in their vehicle. Finding the new high-quality speakers is not an easy task as some companies are manufacturing these 3.5 inches, mini speakers. To buy the best product, one should know all the features of different products in the market.  Read as many reviews as possible and compare the features and specifications of different 3.5 speakers before deciding to buy them. Let’s review some of the best products available in the market:

Best 3.5 Inch Car Speaker Reviews 2017

Top five 3.5 inch Speakers

Pioneer TS A878 3.5 inch speakers

It is a renowned company that makes devices and gadgets related to music systems for years. The Pioneer TS A878, 3.5-inch speakers, are a high quality product with clear sound.

It has a sensitivity rate of 88db with a frequency of 60-28,000 Hz.

It can handle a power of 15 watts and does not require any amp.

  • Speakers are efficient and project well.
  • The price is affordable
  • The speaker has good mids and highs with decent bass tones.
  • It does not have enough bass
  • For tight enclosures, tweeters may create some problem.


JBL GTO329 3.5 Inch Speakers

The company is producing one of the best 3.5-inch speakers in the market. Once you hear its sound, you’ll know the difference immediately.

JBL 3.5 inches contain speaker plus woofer having a large cone area. It increases the area of its diaphragm.

The large woofer cone with light and stiff carbon filling allow quality sound in low frequency because it doesn’t resist the movement of the cone at low frequencies.

The tweeter is an edge-driven silk balanced dome that caters to the rich and smooth quality of sound at high frequencies.

It has a sensitivity rating of 91 dB.

  • Durable speakers
  • Best quality sound at both high and low frequencies
  • It plays loud music consuming moderate power
  • Woofer cones allow the best low-frequency response.
  • The mounting of the speaker is somewhat difficult.
Polk Audio DB351 3.5 inches speaker

The Polk Audio speakers are high-quality speakers.

Due to Multi-hole mounting pattern and shallow depth of screw, mounting is easy.

It has 3-1/2″ woofers that offer high efficiency and increased bass output.

The tweeters made of 12mm liquid-cooled silk/polymer with neodymium magnets account for the crisp and clear sound.

  • Its installation is easy and straightforward.
  • Marine certified and UV resistant material
  • They have increased bass output
  • No distortion present.
  • The frequency response is low
  • The sound may be fuzzy at first when the speakers are new.


Rockford Fosgate punch 3.5-inch speakers

These are 2-way Full-range speakers at 3.5″ with a power rating of 200 watts. It provides the best amount of the bass.

The polypropylene injected cones, and the rubber surroundings enable it to produce the best quality sound.

  • It is easy to install
  • Clear sound
  • Brand name quality factory replacement speakers
  • High and mids are clear.
  • May need bass blockers to prevent bass distortion.


Kenwood kfc 835C speakers

It is the durable and high quality 3.5 inches speakers.

The sound produced is best and soothes the environment of the car.

Kenwood is one of the leading brands and produces the best quality products.

These are small enough to fit in any space in the car.

  • It is available at affordable price
  • They are easy to install
  • The speakers are lightweight
  • It has little bass response


Small speakers are very useful because they fit in any space. They are the best option for those who love music with best frequency and bass effect. Before making a decision, remember to consider the compatibility of speakers with your car as well as the sound range.