10 Best 3.5 Inch Car Speaker Reviews

Few things can beat upgrading your car’s audio system. With their great frequency response, an unobtrusive mount depth, and unmatched affordability, 3.5-inch car speakers can be a great way kick the quality of your car system up a notch.

There are are dozens of choices to choose from when shopping for 3.1/2-inch speakers. And therein lies the problem – how do you get the right 3.5 speakers for your car or boat? There is plenty of factors to consider, and many speaker reviews can help you out.

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But they cannot guarantee that you will eventually buy the best speakers the market has to offer today. So, it’s a good thing we have done the grunt work on your behalf, because here are the best 3.5-inch car speakers in the market as we speak.

10 Best 3.5 Speakers Guide

PricingSpeakerFrequencyPower HandlingSensitivityImpedance
rockford p132 3.5 inch speakerRockford P132 120Hz - 22kHz40 Watts Max85 dB4 Ω
boss ch 3220 3.5 inch BOSS CH3220 100Hz - 18kHz140 Watts Max88 dB 4 Ω
Polk-Audio-DB351-3Polk Audio DB351 90Hz - 22kHz105 Watts Max91 dB4 Ω
JBL-GTO329-Premium-3JBL GTO329 Premium 85Hz - 21kHz75 Watts Max91 dB3 Ω
Kenwood-KFC-835C-40-Watt-3Kenwood KFC-835C 40-Watt 96Hz - 20kHz80 Watts Max89 dB4 Ω
JL-Audio-C2-350x-3JL Audio C2-350x130Hz - 22kHz75 Watts Max83 dB4 Ω
Infinity-REF3022CFX-3Infinity REF3022CFX 85Hz - 21kHz75 Watts Max91 dB3 Ω
Pyramid-328GS-3Pyramid 328GS100Hz - 18kHz120 Watts Max88 dB4 Ω
Kicker-41DSC354-3Kicker 41DSC35480Hz - 20kHz80 Watts Max88 dB4 Ω
Pioneer-TS-A878-3Pioneer TS A878 60Hz - 28kHz60 Watts Max88 dB4 Ω

Reviewing the 10 Best 3.5 Inch  Speakers

Rockford P132 3.5-Inch Full-Range Speaker

You don’t have to take our word for it, but lots of buyers have been impressed by the sound quality they can deliver. Their amazing audio output is underpinned by their full-range audio capabilities, a compelling frequency response of between 120Hz and 22kHz, a sensitivity of 85dB, and the capacity to handle 20 Watts of power (RMS).

They are made of butyl rubber surround, a mineral-filled and polypropylene injection molded cone, and a PEI dome tweeter. These materials are known for their excellent results as far as speaker construction goes.

The P135s also feature a FlexFit basket design. That essentially means that you can make slight adjustments to the speaker position even after it has been mounted. For a more powerful sound, the speaker also comes with a design innovation called VAST, which is short for Vertical Attach Surround Technique. VAST Surround means that you will get 25% greater radiating cone.

Because looks also matter when it comes to audio installations, they have an ICC (Integrated Concealed Crossover) design. ICC makes sure that the crossover is entirely hidden inside the basket. For this reason, they have a simple and yet sophisticated look.

Additionally, the ICC design feature makes for a slightly easier installation experience. The aesthetics of these speakers mean that your car will have an instant visual upgrade after installation.

That is why Rockford remains a go-to brand for lovers of refined audio engineering. The company’s motto is to make speakers that sound bigger play louder and run longer. And this is evident in this brilliantly constructed pair of 3.1/2-inch speakers.

Finally, for an easier installation experience, they come with the necessary mounting hardware. You will also get year’s of the standard warranty, a clear demonstration of how durable this product is, even when used in a marine setting.

And with their understated yet premium look of elegant sophistication, the P135s can go well with the décor in most cars. So, they don’t just sound great; they look great as well.

BOSS CH3220 3.5 Inch Speakers

We will be honest – the aesthetic appeal of these speakers has earned them the attention of many car audio enthusiasts, thanks to their red poly injection cone. But that is hardly the best thing they have to offer. They sound really good, and they should put most factory-installed alternatives to shame.

Their impedance is 4 Ohms, sensitivity is 88 dB, and frequency response is between 1000 Hz and 18 kHz. Not surprisingly, therefore, their sound quality is just superb. Almost every feature in the BOSS Audio CH3220 is specifically designed for better sound quality.

Take the poly injection cone for instance – it has special flexible capabilities for noticeably better sound. The foam surround offers better excursion and ensures self-damping, and this cleans up the sound for a crisp audio experience. This foam is also very light in weight, and that means it does not get in the way of the cone movement, which often results in distorted sound.

They also feature an in-built high-tech tweeter. But the best thing about this tweeter is that the manufacturer has put just as much seriousness into designing it as the rest of the components. The Mylar tweeter can provide a broader sound variance and superior channel handling. It will also not fall apart due to unusual frequency changes.

If durability is a primary concern for you as you shop for your 3.1/2s, then you can’t go wrong with this particular pair. That is because if you buy the BOSS Audio CH3220 from Amazon, you can expect a 3-year warranty from BOSS. But this should not come as a surprise considering that the surrounding foam can be expected to last for up to 16 years. The speakers are therefore versatile enough to be used in a marine environment.

But how can the manufacturer be so confident in this product? For one, they can handle working under high temperatures. But above all else, every construction material used in this product was chosen with durability in mind.

So, you won’t just enjoy good quality sound from the BOSS CH3220s; you will also experience it in all its glory. The great price is a huge plus as well. This is why you should not be wondering why this is among the best 3.5-inch speakers you can own at the time, and why it appears in many reviews of this sort.

Polk Audio DB351 3.5-Inch Coaxial Marine Speakers

If you are in the market for a good pair of 3.5-inch marine speakers, this pair from Polk is worth a serious look. You can use these speakers in all kinds of boats. The speakers are designed for high performance and high-quality audio delivery; and yet, they are incredibly affordable.

The speakers can produce pure, loud, and undistorted sound; thanks to the use of a polymer/mica composite cone filling. The design makes the cone light, which is good for clear sound. They are also quite tough, which is why they can survive the harsh marine environments so well.

The speakers can also withstand temperatures of up to 725-degrees F. If this does not speak to their incredible reliability, we don’t know what will. Also, the surround is made of butyl rubber, and this material is preferred in premium speakers for its ability to offer cleaner sound and longer-lasting performance even under hostile use environments.

For a better sound range, the speakers also come with 12mm liquid-cooled silk/polymer composite dome tweeter with a neodymium magnet. These are high-quality tweeters that will ensure that you enjoy clearly defined highs as you enjoy your favorite music. The bass sounds are also quite good, for a speaker this small in size.

That is why the speakers have a frequency range of between 90Hz and 22kHz. They can also take a maximum input power of 105 watts. Installation should also be much easier and neater with this pair of speakers. First of all, the mounting hardware is made of stainless steel.

Additionally, the speakers have a multi-hole mounting pattern, as well as a shallow mount depth for a more professional installation outcome. The manufacturer made sure that the radius was truly 3.1/2 inches for a better fit in all situations.

The great looks these speakers have is also a huge plus – the last thing you need are speakers that end up looking tacky and out of place. It certainly helps explain why many marine and car speaker reviews don’t leave this Polk product behind.

Pioneer TS A878 3.5 Inch Speakers

Are there speaker reviews out there that can be considered complete without a Pioneer product? We highly doubt it. This company is a serious player in the high-end speaker market. And in the 3.5-inch speaker class, Pioneer has something to offer as well.

As with the high quality products this company comes up with over time, this pair of speakers can produce strong, high-quality and crisp clear sound. The specs include a sensitivity of 88dB, and a frequency of between 60 Hz and 28 kHz. The power rating for the speakers is 15 watts (60 watts maximum power).

Their basic construction is also quite innovative, which is why these speakers can project their sound so brilliantly for a better listening experience. And thanks to their ability to handle a broad frequency range, the speakers can produce good midrange, highs, and decent bass tones.

In fact, even though this speaker category does not do great about bass sounds, you will still hear those low bass sounds when using this pair of speakers.

The cone is made of IMPP Composite made of a blend of carbon and graphite. The speaker also features a one-inch PEI (Poly-Ether-Imide) dome tweeter. The tweeters are designed to provide a unique level of sensitivity so that high frequency audio signals can be of higher quality.

Even at high volumes, the speaker and the attached tweeter will still produce high quality sounds.

Installation is also pretty easy. In fact, if you own a GM, a Ford, or a Volkswagen vehicle, this speaker is made with you in mind. So, instead of wasting your time and money with alternatives that will not look good enough on your vehicle, you can get these speakers instead and get the job done right the first time round.

Most built-in OEM speakers on your vehicle leave much to be desired as far as sound quality is concerned. But with this pair of Pioneer 3.5 inch speakers, the quality of audio in your vehicle should rise to a whole new level.

The manufacturer specifically mentions General Motors, Volkswagen, and Ford as the best car models for these speakers. However, they will work very well with many vehicles from Japan, Europe, and America. Mounting will also be easy, because, in addition to a mount depth of less than 2 inches, the speakers also offer three screw positions for greater installation convenience.

JBL GTO329 Premium 3.5 Inch 2-Way GX Series Coaxial Car Speakers

Although these speakers have an RMS power rating of 50W and a peak power rating of 150W, they have a mounting depth of just 1.44 inches. In addition to a rubber surround, they also feature a balanced dome tweeter.

These are some of the strong features that continue to make this popular electronics brand a favorite among buyers of high quality audio systems. JBL is considered a master in making high quality speakers that can last the distance, both in cars and in marine settings.

It does not matter if you want them for your car, or even your boat if you need a product that can stand up to the challenges of a marine setting.

The frequency response of this speaker is between 85Hz and 21Hz. The impedance is 3 ohms, and the sensitivity is 91 dB. For this reason, these speakers will still produce powerful sound even when the input power is low. That also means clearer bass sounds, louder midrange, and crispier highs.

Thanks to the large carbon-injected woofer cones, the speakers can produce better bass sounds than most competitors. Most speakers this size don’t deliver the best as far as low-frequency audio goes.

This has something to do with the fact that the speakers have the Plus One woofer cone design. This innovative design feature makes the diaphragm cone area larger, which in turn makes for better low frequency sounds. And because the cone is also light, it does very well with mid range sounds.

For the high frequency sounds, the tweeter takes over. The dome tweeter is silk balanced, the benefit of which is better quality highs. Even at high volumes, this tweeter can produce crisp, clear and smooth sounds. These are some of the features that have earned it such a high rating as far as speaker reviews go.

So, in every way, these speakers are designed to provide a premium quality audio experience. This is a legacy JBL has worked to create in the over half a century it has been in business. Consequently, you can expect to see a significant upgrade in your car’s audio quality after using these speakers.

As far as price goes, these are no exactly low-end speakers. But we know for a fact that they will be worth every penny you spend on them based on their loud, crisp and balanced sound. Their low mounting depth of just 1.44 inches should also make them suitable for most vehicles.

Kenwood KFC-835C 40-Watt 3.5-Inch Round Speaker System

Most reviews about 3.5 inch speakers will mention this particular Kenwood model. As one of the best speaker brands in the car audio industry, Kenwood never disappoints when it comes to high quality speakers.

The company has excelled at making respected audio systems for years. In fact, this product is among the best 3.5 inch speakers you can own; as you will soon find out why.

The specs on this pair of 3.5 inch car speakers include treated pulp cones, a frequency response of between 96 Hz and 20kHz, sensitivity of 89 dB, and peak power of 40 watts. What that basically means is that these speakers will reproduce low frequency sounds, mid range sounds, as well as high frequency sounds with lots of ease.

Moreover, with their great sensitivity, the speakers also have the capacity to produce robust sounds without drawing too much power. You can also expect your car audio experience to be a lot fuller with these speakers in place.

These speakers are durable, and their sound quality will ensure your car is filled with bright high-quality sound as you listen to your favorite music. But to be completely honest, these speakers are not designed to offer the best in low-frequency audio. They have a limited bass response.

Fortunately, people shopping for 3.1/2 inch speakers are more concerned about good quality midrange and high-frequency sounds. And as far as that goes, these speakers do not disappoint. They will brilliantly produce a broad range of sounds, making listening to your favorite audio in your car a total delight.

They are also light, and the cone design ensures better movement with minimal distortion. This also makes the speakers easier to install. Another thing setting these speakers apart is their great price. And believe it or not, that is saying something considered that this is a Kenwood speaker.

There are many alternatives that cost well over double what this pair costs. And yet, when their audio quality is compared to this pair’s, their substantial price difference is not justifiable. That aside, the speakers are very easy to fit into small spaces. This installation convenience is not always possible with some 3.5-inch speakers.

The speakers also prove that you don’t have to compromise on quality just because your are shopping on a budget. The speakers are very affordable, despite their premium quality features and sound. All these pros help explain why these speakers are highly recommended by many car buyers who have been fortunate enough to give them a try.

JL Audio C2-350x 3.5-Inch 2 Way Speakers

It has been over four decades now since JL was formed. And its contribution to the world of high quality car audio systems has not gone unnoticed, especially in speaker reviews about good bass speakers. A good example of why this happens to be the case is this pair of 3.5 inch JL speakers.

As with any of the best 3.5-inch speakers in the market, these speakers should be a notable improvement on what car maker put in your car. The features they bring to the table are nothing if not impressive.

Their power is 25 watts RMS and 75 watts in peak power. As for the frequency response, it lies between 130 Hz and 22kHz. The sensitivity is at 83 dB, the impedance is 4 ohms, and the mount depth is 1-9/16-inch. That is quite a formidable list of features.

So, it is not surprising that these speakers are able to produce rich crisp sounds, especially the highs, thanks to their great tweeter response. Other audio ranges are well-handled by these speakers as well. But to get the best audio experience the speakers have to offer, you will have to use an amplifier.

The upside to having the amplifier option is that you can get a much stronger sound, and without having to deal with any irritating sound distortion issues. For this reason, these speakers generally do better than many other top-rated alternatives in the market at the time.

Many of these alternatives cannot handle the increased power that comes with using custom amplifiers. That is also why you can expect to enjoy a full-range surround sound experience once you install these speakers in your car.

However, don’t expect too much bass from these speakers. This should even be apparent from the frequency range they have to offer. Some speakers go below the 100Hz limits, while the farthest these speakers can get to is 130Hz. That is still good, and does not in any way mean they don’t have much to offer.

But as far as other sound frequencies are concerned, you will have struck gold by getting yourself this pair of 3.1/2-inch speakers. These speakers can deliver well beyond the audible range. That is rare, even in these kinds of speakers.

Installation of these speakers is also easy. First of all, they are light in weight and suitably designed to fit into small spaces. They are even protected using rubber for firmer installations. Beyond that, the speakers have a great classic aesthetic appeal that will make them blend well with most car interiors.

Infinity REF3022CFX 3.5 inch 75W Car Speakers

Infinity takes pride in the fact that these speakers are made in the U.S. As is typically expected for such claims, these speakers are of premium quality in every respect. In other words, the sound and the construction quality is just superb.

Part of the reason the sound is so good has something to do with the fact that they rely on edge-driven textile tweeters. These ensure that the highs are up to the mark. Additionally, the speakers have a very powerful list of features.

With a sensitivity of 91 dB, an RMS power rating of 25 watts (75 watts peak power), and a frequency response of 85Hz to 21,000 Hz, the manufacturer was truly keen on giving your car’s audio system an upgrade with this product. Practically speaking, no EOM speakers can stand up to the sound quality that these 3.5 speakers can manage.

Because these speakers are made using textile, they can generate exceptional sound. The sound is a lot similar to what you would expect of a premium quality home stereo system. So, they provide a very powerful and immersive audio experience. Their tweeters will also be a significant upgrade on any stock tweeters on your vehicle.

The sound will be crisp, but you have to make sure to keep the power within a reasonable range. Additionally, you would be better off using them with an amplifier to enjoy every bit of audio power they have in store for you. Many inbuilt car audio systems lack the might to make the speakers deliver their full punch.

As far as looks are concerned, these speakers also score a few points above what most rivals have to offer. They feature a silver detail that makes them stylish. They also have an understated red highlight on the tweeter.

So, anyone who does not think an audio upgrade should equal a compromise in décor should find these speakers more than appropriate for their needs. On top of that, the speakers are very easy to install. They are thoughtfully designed to become a perfect replacement for the OEM speakers in your car.

Pyramid 328GS 3.5 Inch 120 Watts 2-Way Speakers

Despite their size, these speakers will comfortably handle 120 watts of power. The 2-way coaxial speakers have an injection molded poly-mica cone woofer and a 1.75-inch aluminum film Piezo tweeter. They also provide a 1.75-inch mount depth.

The manufacturer promises that you can expect crisp and clear audio regardless of whether the speakers are receiving a low-frequency signal or a high frequency signal. Many alternative 3.5’s will give you good quality sound, but they will not always deliver good bass sounds.

That said, don’t expect too much of their low-end sounds – they are still 3.5 inch speakers, and they shine best with the mid and high frequency sounds. Otherwise, the sound they produce is balanced and clear, and also deeply satisfying.

You don’t need an amp to enjoy their great sound either; and that is partly the reason many reviews are to its credit. And this is a huge convenience if you didn’t want a pair of speakers that forced you to start shopping for an amplifier in order to enjoy the good quality sound they have in store for you.

For this reason, the speakers will be a very good replacement for the inbuilt speakers your car maker put in your vehicle. To top it off, the speakers are very cheap, costing a fraction of the cost needed to get some of the alternatives listed here.

Take it from us; you will have a hard time telling the difference in the audio output of these speakers when compared to pricier alternatives in the market. So, if you are looking for a pair of 3.5-inch speakers that will give you true value for your money, you need not look any further. These speakers will be an incredible bargain.

And by any standards, the sound is beyond decent, and considering the price, unbelievably good. The speakers also have a unique design that will ensure that they fit into most vehicles.

Even in situations where other 3.5 inch speakers don’t seem to provide a good fit, these speakers offer a really good fit. Like other premium speakers, there are three screw options on these speakers for a more versatile installation experience.

Kicker 41DSC354 3.5” 2-Way Speaker Pair

Many customer speaker reviews out there argue that this is one of the best pair of speakers in this market space, and it is hard to disagree. Among its claims to fame is its powerful sensitivity to sound, which means more powerful audio for your car. This 4-ohm 3.5 speaker has an RMS power rating of 20 watts and a peak power rating of 80 watts.

The speaker cone is made of polypropylene and acoustic-foam surrounds that help the speaker have its amazing audio performance. The cones are stiff and light, and that makes the speaker produce crisp and loud sound.

So yes, the sound quality these speakers can give you is truly remarkable – of this we can assure you. The sound range is also good as you will enjoy bass as well as high frequency sounds without problems.

To aid in production of a full-range sounds, the speaker features a polyethylene-maphthalate 13-mm dome tweeters. Kicker was thoughtful enough to ensure that the tweeters do not protrude and introduce further installation challenges.

Alternatives with protruding features can hinder car-window mechanisms. This helps with the aesthetics as well because the speaker is able to have a smaller mount depth.

But how much of a difference they make to the sound quality of your stock car speakers is where it really matters. And we can tell you that these speakers will be a vast improvement over what typical OEM car speakers can do.

Furthermore, in comparison to some alternatives in the market, the speakers are also quite affordable. They cost less than half of what some entrants in this list go for in the market.

But even so, you will not notice much of a difference with regards to sound quality – they provide the great audio experience you can generally expect from the best the industry has to offer. That is why many 3.5-inch speaker reviews don’t leave them behind.


The 3.5 inch car speaker market is pretty crowded. That means that buyers wishing to improve their car audio systems through upgrades have lots of choices to work with. The bad news is that picking the best 3.5 speakers is not easy. The whole undertaking might even lead you to think that the right speaker brand or model is a decision better left to professionals.

But as this guide proves, the appropriate 3.5 inch speakers are not that hard to find once you know what you are looking for. Some of the best quality speakers in the market today are pretty cheap. With others, you don’t need the hustle of installing additional amps to your car to enjoy their sound.

For others, you will have better car aesthetics after installation. In other cases, your 3.5 speakers will be more suited to your rough usage environments because they can handle issues like heat better. The point is, in this list, you will find yourself a premium quality speaker regardless of your unique priorities.

What we can tell you is that this list consists of the best of the best 3.5 inch car speakers in the market today, and many other car and boat audio enthusiasts share our opinion.

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