10 Best Car Speakers Reviewed

People who are fond of listening to music in their car or don’t enjoy their ride usually prefer upgrading the built-in car speakers present in the vehicle. There is a broad range of music systems and related gadgets for music lovers. They vary in their size, range, frequency and price. As a person who doesn’t  compromise on the quality, I have listed down best quality speakers for your car

Best Car Speakers of 2017

Best Car Speaker Brands


The car speakers can be categorised according to the size of the speakers. The different sizes have different audio and power systems. Therefore choose the one which is best and most suitable for your car.

Rockford Fosgate 3-Way Car Speakers


The [easyazon_link identifier=”B00E81RAU0″ locale=”US” tag=”s06c9b5-20″]R165X3 Rockford[/easyazon_link] is the three-way car speaker that has the power of 45 watts RMS. The user gets a complete kit with two speakers as well as the grill.

The cone of the speaker is made with propylene material with surrounding rubber paddings which improve the audio quality.

It has stamped silk basket with the silk dome pole mounted Piezo.

The design is beautiful and attractive.

  • High-quality sound frequency
  • Easy to install car speakers
  • Integrated tweeter crossover
  • Grills and mounting hardware present in the kit.
  • Great treble and produce crystal clear voice.
  • You will need to drill holes for mounting the speakers
  • It has no low to mid range value
  • There is not enough bass.


Polk Audio Coaxial Car Speaker


It is the lightweight cone shaped woofer with the polymer/mica filled material with the woofer system.

It has ¾ inches tweeter with liquid-cooled silk polymer composite Dome.

Two layered voice call formers are also present in the system. So those who do not want any compromise on audio should consider purchasing the system for their car.

  • The compact design of speakers allows you to install them in any car
  • The frequency is best for those who love loud music.
  • The sound is clear and crisp.
  • Vocals and bass system is excellent.
  • You need fewer amplifiers for more audio output.
  • Grill panels are necessary to fit the system.

JBL 3 Way Speakers


The JBL 3 way speakers are present in 6.5-inch size. They have home theater tweeter quality with the power of 60 W and the impedance of 2 Ohms.


It has a mounting depth of two inches.

  • Affordable price
  • Clear voice quality
  • Easy installation
  • High bass quality.
  • High pitch sound may be annoying for those who want to listen to soft and soothing music.
  • To get 2-ohm impedance, it is necessary to rewire the whole system which may be difficult for some people.


Pioneer TS-F1034R Dual Cone 4-Inch 150 W 2-Way Speakers


The 4-inch cone-shaped speaker is not only beautifully designed, but it also has incredible features that are enough to entertain the music lovers.

It has 4 Ohm coil with IMPP cone. It is the 2-way car speaker that is available in 10 cm size. The power handling is incredible i.e. 150 Watts per RMS. It is the stereo speaker that meets the demand of a person.

The frequency ranges from 45 Hz to14 kHz. For best experience attach speakers with amplifiers.

  • Although it has a small size, it provides clear sound.
  • It is available in affordable price range.
  • The sound quality is satisfactory.
  • Amplifiers or woofers are required to improve the sound quality in car.
  • The system has an average bass.


Pioneer TS-F1034R Dual Cone 4-Inch 150 W 2-Way Speakers-Set of 2


It can handle a maximum power of 150 Watts at 20 watts RMS.  It helps reduce sound distortion.

The frequency ranges from 45Hz to 14kHz resulting in a crystal-clear voice with deep bass and high treble.

With the impedance of 4 ohms, it gives excellent sound when used with powerful amplifiers.

  • Inexpensive
  • Small size
  • Deep, Clear voice
  • Should be used with woofers for better mid and high range
  • Average bass


JBL GTO429 Premium


These are beautifully designed speakers with the speaker size of 4 inches. It provides a well-balanced sound because of the frequency settings of 75 Hz with a 3-ohm impedance.

The power system is 50 Watts per RMS. The presence of the carbon-injected plus one cone ensures better bass.

Some dome tweeter is beneficial and provides smooth audio quality.

  • Accurate drives
  • High-quality sound and loudness
  • The design is excellent
  • High frequency is a bit crisper than the sound quality
  • The price is high


Pioneer TS A878 3.5 inch Speakers


The company produces high-quality car speaker with a frequency range of 60 Hz to 28 KHz. It has an impedance value of 4 ohms. The sensitivity is 28 dB with the cone material of IMPP.

The power for the speaker system is 60 W for good sound production.  There is no need to add amplifier with the speakers.

The speaker is custom fit for the GM, Ford and the Volksvegan vehicle. It also contains one-inch dome tweeter.

  • The bass tone is efficient and provides excellent quality of sound.
  • The price is affordable.
  • Seamless connectivity and easy to use.
  • Mounting hardware and installation guide are present for the users.
  • Since the speaker needs mounting, a tight enclosure may create hurdles with the tweeters.
  • Sometimes harsh highs are present which is not compatible with the mids.


Polk Audio DB351 3.5 inch Speaker


JBL GTO429These certified marine speakers can be used both in car as well as in boats to enjoy music during sailing as well. It has 0.5-inch liquid cooled silk polymer dome tweeter as well as neodymium magnet. Polk Audio is marine speaker however it can be used as a car speaker too.

It has woofers that help in improving bass. The input power is 105 watts.

The presence of rubber padding helps during extreme temperatures and sunlight.

  • Its installation is simple.
  • Diameter is perfect for unobstructed installation.
  • Present at affordable rates.
  • There is no sound distortion.
  • There may be a problem with the bass when the speakers are new.
  • The frequency level is low.


BOSS AUDIO BRS69 BRS 6″ x 9″ Full Range Speaker


The best feature of the product is that it can fit in any car and a single speaker contains 3-inch mounting depth. The power handling is 120 watts*60 Watts RMS.

Range of BOSS speaker is 50Hz to 20 KHz. It has polypropylene woofer with the foam padding that protects the speakers against the jerks and shocks.

The impedance of the speaker is 4 Ohms

  • The installation is easy
  • Product is available at affordable range
  • With midrange volume, it provides good audio
  • The bass is not good
  • It does not perform well at high volumes


BOSS AUDIO CH4220 Chaos Exxtreme 4″ 2-way Full Range Speakers


It is the best two-way coaxial speakers that have a maximum 200 Watts power and 100 Watts RMS. The frequency range is 100 Hz to 18 KHz with 90 Db sensitivity.

The woofer cone has rubber surroundings. One tweeter is present per speaker.

  • It is available in a variety of colors
  • Inexpensive
  • Sound quality is good
  • Bass is poor
  • The product is not durable.

All the car speakers mentioned above have their best features listed out.  If you are done with your old  speakers, consider trying new ones listed above.